Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hotel Trolleys and Carts

mobile AV cart
Ready to Serve
There are various functional types of carts, hand trucks, stands, and trolleys utilized throughout Hotels and Motels, to conviently tranfer items around. Such movability also allows quick carriage, stacking, and storage for guests, staff, and contractors, e.g. cleaners and event management personel. This can include for food service, laundry, garments, office equipment, waste sorting and other products and tasks. Various shapes, size, styles, features, load capacities, and composition, are incorporated for it's intended use. Perhaps since the early use of english antique oak style butler trolleys, they generally have a prime use: To serve - either yourself or others.

Whether if shopping, serving meals, personal luggage transport, mobile filing and work stations, utility carts, and moving or housing electronic multimedia, there will be a wheeled, shelfing or rail unit to suit. Many styles are manufactured or supplied in New Zealand to suit. You need of course select a suitable trolley for it's role, and if for repeated wheeling, perhaps durabilty or heavy duty features would be important. Other features such as stackability, foldability, extensibilty, retractability, appearance, dimensions, and finish need be considered. Perhaps seek advice from suppliers, and/or research specifications other hotels and relevant venues to observe what they use.

NZ Manufacturers and Suppliers

NZ Furniture (
Range of trolleys which include for folding tables, mobile filing, laptops, serving, projectors, TV's, books, chair stackers, and more. Include dimensions, heavy duty rubber wheels, castors, melteca shelf colours, and metal frames. Also provide different styles of trundler bays, common at shopping car parks.

Office Products Online
Plenty to suit mobile needs, such as heavy duty hand trolleys, gas bottles, collapsible and folding styles, basket and bin type, laundry, plywood and aluminium deck carts, side frame styles, scizzor lift, pallet trucks, powder coated steel 2 and 3 level shelf, plastic service, tray trolleys, modular kitset, tote trys, utility, and much more. Seems to have it all for carting requirements, along with desks, tables, filing cabinets, mobile drawers and other furniture.

Video of Rubbermaid Convertible and Powered House Keeping Carts

Rubbermaid ConvertiblePowered Trolley

Dalton Group
Select from a range of styles and finishes such as stainless steel, epoxy, and plastic. Various types including heavy duty dual and general purpose upright trucks, folding,  stair climbers, gas and drum carriers, and chair stacker. Flat deck styles include removable sides, fold down handles, manoeuvrable (swivel), scizzor lift, and other functional styles. Also 2 and 3 tier service, linen, TV/DVD, double and triple tote, and stock handling variants. Basket, shopping, laundry, garden, and cleaning trolleys available ae well. Good range for selection, including mobile shelving units.

Providers of healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation equipent and solutions, such as shower chairs, wheelchairs, walking frames, and trolleys. This includes for showering, mobile bassinets, laundry, linen, cleaning, medication carts, instrument and dressing, chevron rehab kitchen trolleys and many other user friendly units. Also supply parts and accessories, e.g waterproof covers, whhels, castors, hand grips, amd more.

Rex Industrial Equipment LTD
Manufacturer's of quality products, such as modular kitset table units including with adjustable shelves. Also special purpose hand trucks for drink containers, platform, flat deck, and hotel conference trolleys. This includes mobile mini bars, janitorial, maid/laundry, stainless steel shelf, utility carts, bio-security, mesh, stock handler, transport, service, liquor, porters, and bellman's trolleys. But also top deck ladder trucks for climbing to high racking and shelving systems, cigarette receptables, fork truck accessories, ladders, trestles, bins, shelving, castors, lifters (e.g. pallet trucks, electric stackers), wheels, and axles. Maybe view or download their product catalogues (pdf).

Certainly a wide choice of products from NZ suppliers for everday, and prolonged use, of which the trolley and cart have a basic but essential role in the hospitality industry.